Mandan Police Mission and Values

Mission Statement Mandan Police Department

It is the mission of the Mandan Police Department to provide the highest quality of law enforcement service and enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors of our community, while maintaining order, enforcing laws and protecting individual rights. This will be accomplished with fairness and integrity through community policing concepts and promoting trusting relationships within our community.  

Value Statement Mandan Police Department

The Mandan Police Department V.A.L.U.E.S the community we serve and commit ourselves to providing professional law enforcement service and building community partnerships.

Vigilance: We believe in being attentive and watchful over our entire community to ensure their safety and enhance their quality of life.

Accountability: We believe in acknowledging and assuming responsibility for our actions.

Loyalty: We believe in upholding our oath and maintaining our allegiance to the community we serve.

Unity: We believe in a partnership of support between the police and the community that we serve. We will continue to strengthen that support through by developing new outreach programs and expand existing ones.

Excellence: We are committed to and pride ourselves in our personal and organizational excellence and professionalism, acting responsibly and carrying out our duties with competence and efficiency.

Servant Leadership: We believe we can better serve the community and fulfill the agencies mission through our authentic character, our commitment to building community relationships and empowering others.

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