Changes to the Mandan Dog Ordinance

Tighter leashes & other dog ordinance changes approved

After a few months of research and gathering feedback, City Commissioners approved an ordinance relating to animals with the focus on dogs.


Restraint & leash length. Perhaps most important to dog owners are the additional provisions on the city’s “leash law.” Dogs must be secured by a leash or lead no more than 6 feet long being held by a person capable of controlling the dog when being walked. The prior ordinance allowed for up to a 12-foot leash. Also, a dog is considered under restraint if it’s within the real property limits of its owner and securely confined by a fence or tether which does not allow the dog to reach another property, public walkway, or road.


Citations. Police officers now have the ability to issue citations for violations of the animal ordinance. The process is similar to that of a speeding ticket. The officer issues the citation to the violator with a fine.


Vicious dogs. Changes were made in the ordinance stating the owner of a dog deemed vicious is liable for and required to pay all costs associated with impoundment, removal, euthanasia or other associated costs incurred. The offense is a class B misdemeanor, which is the highest level charge in municipal court.


Two tags required. Any dog or cat kept within city limits now must be identified at all times by two tags. One tag must have the name and phone number of the owner, and the other is a metal tag that will be stamped or engraved with a license number at the time of issuance for each dog and cat. The tags will need to be attached to the animals’ collar or harness.


Residents can acquire a license for dogs or cats by bringing proof from the animals’ veterinarian of current rabies vaccinations to the Mandan Police Department, 205 First Ave NW. Licenses can be purchased for one to three years depending on how long the rabies vaccinations are valid. The cost is $6 for one year, $10 for two years and $15 for three years. For more information on Ordinance 1307 visit www.cityofmandan.com/code.  

 How do I obtain a cat trap from the police department

Call the Police Department and request one.  If we have one available we will be able to get it to you quickly.  If we do not have one available, we will put your name on a list and get one to you as soon as we can. 

When you get a trap we will show you how to set it up and bait it.  When you catch a cat, call us and we will pick it up and take it to the pound.

 Is it required to have a license for my dog/cat?

Yes, it is required to have a license for your dog/cat.  To get one, bring written proof from your veterinarian of current rabies vaccinations to the police department.  You can then purchase a license of either one, two or three years, depending on how long the rabies vaccinations are valid. 

Pricing for the licenses is:

     One year   = $6.00
     Two years = $10.00
     Three years = $15.00

 What do I do if my pet gets picked up by the police?

You need to provide proof of rabies vaccination to the police department.  If the animal does not have current rabies vaccinations, you will need to make arrangements to get that done before we can release it.  You will then need to purchase a dog/cat license and pay the fine for impoundment.  The fees for pickup and impoundment are:

If your animal has a current license the pickup fee is:   $15.00
If your animal does not have a current license the pickup fee is:  $35.00

The impound fee per day:  $15.00

You will then be able to pick your pet up at the Bismarck-Mandan Animal Impound.

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