Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement:

Mandan Code Enforcement works in partnership with city residents and business owners to maintain a safe community environment. The code enforcement officer works with residents, public agencies, business owners, and other City of Mandan departments to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by eliminating nuisances or hazardous conditions in our residential neighborhoods and business districts. Code Enforcement covers a variety of codes and ordinances the city has adopted to address issues and concerns that affect all aspects of our city's quality of life.

Upon receiving a concern, the code enforcement officer will investigate the issue, notify the property owner to explain the violation if one exists, and suggest possible solutions. The property owner is then given time to take care of the violation—a minimum of five days in most situations—whether it be moving an inoperable vehicle into a structure, trimming shrubs, removing junk and rubbish, or clearing a blocked sidewalk. While most property owners comply after the first notification, those who fail to comply could face enforcement action.

The following link provides residents an efficient way to communicate concerns directly with the code enforcement officer. Requests can be submitted anonymously, however, supplying information will allow the code enforcement officer to follow up with the concerned individual with any questions. It should be noted that all submitted requests are public record.

Report A Code Violation

Public nuisance information contained in the Mandan City Code is available to review by using the link. Such information may be helpful in determining if your concern is one in which the City of Mandan has jurisdiction over or if it is a matter best resolved by communication between community members or another government agency.


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