What We Do

The Youth Services Division specializes in dealing with juvenile offenders and offers many programs to help them.

 Juvenile Diversion

 The juvenile diversion process is designed to divert juveniles out of the formal juvenile justice system and provide them with sufficient skills, aptitudes and accountability for their behavior to prevent further delinquency and/or behavioral problems.
    Juveniles who are cited by law enforcement officers may be placed into the diversion program at the discretion of the youth worker or youth officer.


 The CounterAct program is a prevention program designed to bring together Schools, Families and Law Enforcement Agencies to serve as a source of support and to encourage children to make healthy behavior choices.  The program focuses on the harm of alcohol, tobacco and other , enforces positive alternatives and teaches children how to resist peer pressure.


The i-SAFE program empowers kids and teens to act responsibly and safely online.  Today's kids and teens are growing up in an Internet age where the mere acts of communication and socialization are increasingly risky.  The i-SAFE program offers these students the tools and techniques to safely and responsibly take control of their online experience.

 Truancy Intervention Program

The Mandan Truancy Intervention Program is an effort to improve school attendance by working with students, parents and schools to ensure a faster, more effective response to truancy problems.  The goals of the program are to improve attendance measurements, provide early intervention, reconnect disengaged students to school and to ensure parental and student accountability.

 Out-Of-School Suspension Program

The Mandan Out of School Suspension Program is a safe and structured environment where students suspended from school can serve out their suspension, learn from their mistakes and move forward positively with their lives.  The goals of the program are to help each student accept responsibiltiy for his/her actions which resulted in suspension, to assist students in identifying strategies for precluding repeat suspension, to help students formulate goals toward a productive lifestyle and to assist students in completing their academic school assignments.

 Minor In Possession Program

The Minor in Possession Program is a one-session educational program aimed at giving youth information on chemicals and the legal consequences of usage to help them make wise choices in the future. It is an intensive program that focuses on chemical awareness, personal consequences of usage and the process of addiction.

 Depression and Presentation

Students will be able to define depression in simple terms.  common signs and symptoms of depression will be shared and myths surrounding depression will be explored and clarified.  Students will be able to identify warning signs of depression/suicide and to identify at least one helping resource.  The Burleigh Depression Inventory (BDI) will be administered to each student and their BDI will be scheduled if necessary.

 Morton County Rural Schools Tour of Courthouse/County Talks

To introduce rural schools to the Youth Services Division's function.  To promote positive relations between kids and deputies.  To give a better understanding of the judicial process by touring the courthouse.

 Officer Day

To give students the opportunity to ask questions and interact with a Law Enforcement Officer.  Students will begin to understand what police officers do.  It is also an excellent tool to let the students identify with the officer as a person and not only a law enforcement officer.
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